Monday, March 10, 2008

The Pelican Has Landed!

We are doing laps around the airport. There's a plane in our gate. Empty gates all over the place, but we HAVE to go to THAT ONE. And further delays are being blamed on de-icing activities. (We actually have a clear view of that. It's interesting. Also, it makes me happy to be arriving rather than having to depart in these conditions.) What we'd all like to know, and the cabin staff were unable to satisfactorily explain, was why we couldn't simply use one of the unoccupied gates. They're not taking questions from Rick anymore. Apparently he asks too many questions. Or the wrong questions. Or ones the cabin crew don't like to answer. Doesn't matter: we are safely back in Cleveland. Limbo-like, but on the ground, certainly, if not entirely free to move about.

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