Saturday, August 16, 2008

Paladins ready to hit the road!

... and you know, it's actually a little disappointing that it's light out right now.

We spent extra $$$$ and time to put our website on the back of the jerseys/t-shirts in special stuff that reflects.

Meh. Fergesse. It was totally worth it. I'm all about safety.

It'll be useful another day.

Meanwhile? You want to talk about visibility? See My Beloved? You can't miss him!!! He's the one with the Slider Hat attached to his helmet.

Slider is the Indians mascot, a bright fuchsia and yellow plush nightmare.

Definitely click on the link, he's very inspirational!! Rick and I love Slider. He chose the hat the night we had dinner with Bob Feller specifically to be visible on this occasion, hoping it would fit over his helmet!

I'm glad it did. The emcee had a blast IDing it.

We enjoyed being IDed.


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