Friday, September 05, 2008

Time to Update An Old Classic?


This was our one-and-a-half-minute-turned-half-hour-NO-KIDDING McDonald's food stop this afternoon.

Appropriately, it was immediately preceded by the boy in the drive thru window getting all snarky ("EXECUTION," he reprimanded us...) when we asked for a straw. It was lost among all the napkins and receipts.

You would think they could just hand me the chicken, right?

Nope. That would rob these artists of another fine opportunity to screw up my sandwich.

I asked for pickles on the original sandwich. Which was cold, by the way, but I don't really mind cold sandwiches. I mention that, however, because it was a very harsh contrast when the manager handed me the new sandwich: it was warm, but it had no pickles.

At that point, I was just happy to have 2 halves of a chicken sandwich I could be happy to eat!

I assembled it myself.

It wasn't hard.

Maybe they just couldn't find the chicken the first time.


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