Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Why the screaming FRACK did she pick PINK????

Originally published in The Atlantic

Soft v hard: YES.

Metal v cloth: YES.

Man-world v Woman-world: YES.

Manufactured v hand-crafted: YES.

Hand-powered v fossil-fueled: YES.

Low-tech v high-tech: YES.

Shiny v matte: YES.

I love studies in opposites. I love the tension, I love the conversation, I love all of the everything. It really excites me. But come on!!! Pink is not exclusively the realm of girlhood, and it certainly doesn't satisfactorily describe "housewife" or "woman", either.

But that's my only problem with it. I would totally ride this bike. Or at least sit on it and submit to being photographed.

Full article HERE.

The artist is Theresa Honeywell, and I like her stuff.

(A late discovery has determined that pink may have been chosen simply out of preference for the color. I just saw a recent photo of the artist which shows her with hot pink hair. I am satisfied!!)


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