Monday, March 07, 2011

It's Spa Day at Chez Garcia...

...and the number one clue is the ear-shattering screams of bloody murder, starting with the Facial of Epic Squirminess, a mighty crescendo during the Warm Wash Cloth Massage of Perilous Doom, and concluding with a Lavender-Scented, Tantrum-Infused Shampoo Shriek.

Well, I know I'M refreshed.
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At 1:42 AM, Anonymous Sarah Masterson said...

Okay, I just cried seeing this picture! I know EXACTLY where that baby towel came from...! Enjoy every second with Rowan because the cliché is SO true - they do grow up SOOOOOO fast! Love to you and Rowan!

Your Weird Garage Sale Stalker Friend,


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