Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Phew! Voting Is Thirsty Work!

The vetting process: this is AFTER the small groups.

Now the large group as a whole votes on what each of the small groups have decided. With a twist! If a Colectivo member from a different group wants to add another One Page Proposal to the mix, even from a different group than the one in which they participated in for first-tier vetting, at this point, they have a wild card!

In the end, we concluded the meeting with 15 One Page Proposals to be asked for 2-Page Proposals. They'll be due in March.

I drank 4 bottles of water through this process. I could have had at least 2 more.

Again, I wish we could fund MORE! Anyone out there, please donate (the information is at the top of the page on the left)? We will use it very responsibly. You'll know, because you can track us right there on that website. We answer any and all questions promptly. Thank you!

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