Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm a Good Teacher, But...

This is Bert. She's very snuggly. Sometimes she's rather needy. I don't mind either way, I adore her.

She's my cat. Of the three cats in the household, she is the one who has claimed me as her own. Bert doesn't mind snuggling with Rick. But if I'm available, she drops him and comes over to me. Even if she's in his arms.

That's an indescribably lovely, warm feeling.

So perhaps, in the interest of accuracy, I'm really her person, more than she's my cat. I think that's a better categorization.

So tonight I was sewing. I made a bag for our trip this week. (We're going on our honeymoon.) Bert decided she absolutely needed to be in my lap.

It was cute and endearing for about 15 seconds. And then two things happened. I couldn't do the things I needed to do while sitting at a sewing machine. (I know!! Arrgh, right?) Worse, the second thing was that she decided that her balance was compromised and she needed to stabilize.

Feline stabilizers are more commonly known as "claws". She applied them to the tops of my thighs. It hurt. I was unhappy.

So poor little Bert got dumped off my lap til my bag was done and I could snuggle with her properly.

Cuz, truth to tell, there's no screaming way I'm teaching this cat to sew. I'm patient, but not godlike.


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