Saturday, August 30, 2008

Naughty Kitchen Kitty

Yeah, Bertie-Bert. You're *NOT* s'posed to be there. The kitchen window is absolutely verboten.

I understand completely how that simply makes a thing more desireable, more tender-juicy-delicious.

I also understand that you are a cat and that means that you believe that rules and laws simply do not apply to you. I've seen you tussle and finagle with Gravity, of all things!

Only a cat. Heh... Only a *female* cat.

There's no point trying to train or discipline you, *because* of your catness! I don't know if your kind aren't hard-wired for it, if it's sheer bloody-minded defiance, or some diabolical combination, but I'm originally a dog person, and am permanently confounded by you felines.

I also have found you entirely irresistable.

And by "you," Bert, I mean "you collective felines", but mostly YOU, my snuggly, instapurr, faithful little Bert.


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