Thursday, November 06, 2008

November NaBloPoMo Badge

If you've been following my blog at all, you know that I participate in a strange phenomenon called "NaBloPoMo".

Na = National, Blo = Blog, Po = Posting, and Mo = Month. National Blog Posting Month. Up until 2008, November was the only month of NaBloPoMo, but after last year's NaBlo, people wanted more, so the woman who moderates it opened it up to every month with a theme for each month except November.

The only big rule is that you have to post to your blog once a day. Minor rules have developed since the beginning include NOT restricting your posts to just being on the same blog every day (helpful if you post to multiple blogs; there are 3 I post to at times!), you can't spam people or solicit (I got hit with eye-rolling sales pitches last year), and there are a few other minor things that I can't think of. Mostly because either they don't apply to me or I haven't encountered them yet.

Some use NaBlo as a way to meet others and bump up readership. I use NaBlo as a way to keep myself on task with actually posting to this thing. Now that I'm hooked, it's become a monster; I often post several times in a day. Initially, I really did need something to prod myself a bit with this project!! I got teased about having a blog but never updating it. Well, now I make sure there's something to read. I like to think there's something interesting and worthwhile in these pixels.

So here's the badge for this month. It'll take you to the NaBloPoMo site on Ning (which is a social network akin to, but different from, Facebook. (Funny thing? NaBloPoMo has a group ON Facebook!!! AND there's a Facebook group participating in NaBloPoMo! It's kinda like Lily Tomlin's bit on the Cream of Wheat box as an illustration of infinity...)

Enjoy! And enjoy the month!


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