Saturday, December 06, 2008

Saturday is for lots of things.

In the autumn, it's for College Football. Today, it's the classic rivalry between Army and Navy. Brilliant! So I've got the game on with the volume down and Christmas music on, while I'm decorating the house for the season.

And I'm getting ready for marathon cookie-baking sessions over the next few days.

What could be more festive???


I've always got an answer for that!

Try this:


These are the folk who originally foisted the Mystery Science Theatre concept of full audience participation with the movie via smart-alecky remarks upon the world. I fondly remember getting my mom ever so gently hooked on this snarky method of watching bad movies.

She's on my mind right now. (She often is, but now especially, with the news about my mother-in-law.)

...and I really need some escapist humor today. This trailer made Rick and me howl with laughter. This is something Mom would have enjoyed, too.


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