Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Hero's Welcome

Sandy Alomar, Jr moved with an easy grace, a grace not usually associated with a catcher, as he made his way to the infield.

The crowd rose to their feet, drowning out the narration of Sandy's achievements.

He was greeted by other Tribe greats: Andre Thornton, Charlie Nagy, Bob Feller, Sam McDowell.

You'd think it would fill me with joy to see all these reminders of past greatness.

Under ordinary circumstances it would.

This season's trade record eliminates 'ordinary' as a valid or accurate description of 2009.

I was instead blind-sided by rage.

I should have known the sort of year it was as soon as they traded M.ark DeRosa.

I hope Indians management noticed fan reaction to an old favorite returning to this ballpark. I hope they realize that without us, there's no sponsorship. And without ticket sales and sponsorship, there's no money for GOOD players.

Dolan needs to emulate one of tonight's non-uniformed honorees. Either one!

Cleveland NEEDS another Veeck or Jacob. Fast.


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