Thursday, August 03, 2006

First to Arrive!

First to Arrive!, originally uploaded by sunspotting.

No surprises, Mike and Sam are first to arrive at Mel and Kai's house! So very speedy! It didn't take too long for the rest of the team to catch up. First Mel, then later, the rest of the team led by fearless Captain Rick!


Feastmaking, originally uploaded by sunspotting.

Meanwhile, back at the... NOT ranch... The preparation for the bikeriders' return. Fried chicken, huge sub sandwich, pasta salad, *tons* of water, and loads of carb-y goodness. We ate like pigs. Thank you Patti and Kai!

Catching Our Breaths

Catching Our Breaths, originally uploaded by sunspotting.

Woo Hoo! The true halfway point: our house in Cleveland Heights. Powerbars and PowerADE on the front porch, refilling water bottles and using the bathroom inside. Cleopatra tried licking salt off everyone's legs.

The Falls for which Chagrin Falls is named

...And this is what's on the other side of all that bunting...

Little did we know, in about 20 minutes we'd all be wishing we could jump into that watery goodness...

Geauga County and western Cuyahoga County are very VERY hilly. Relentlessly hilly. Glad that's over.

The Group -- Halfway Point

The Group -- Halfway Point, originally uploaded by sunspotting.

Hail, hail, the gang's all here! A bit sweaty and stinky, but here nonetheless. My dinosaur represents me, as always.

Here we are in Beautiful Chagrin Falls, just outside the popular and historic Popcorn Shoppe. We are on the bridge overlooking the famous Falls, for which Chagrin Falls is named.

Some of our group had never been to Chagrin Falls before, so this was quite a discovery for them! We all decided we need to revisit soon. It is a very charming town.

Mike Recomends the Lemonade!

Mike Recomends the Lemonade!, originally uploaded by sunspotting.

Halfway to Cleveland Heights! We made good time. This is Chagrin Falls and the famous, well-loved Popcorn Shop. The lemonade is indeed DIVINE. It demands a revisit!

Bleeaahhhch. It. Was. HOT. Humid? We could've made better time swimming. Maybe.

And Christina and I had another one of those Stupid Motorist Moments. You know the kind: the car's wing mirror missed my left handlebar by centimeters. It's never a good sign when I have to switch to Metric to measure something...