Monday, April 28, 2008

Tiny Surprise

I can't believe I did it. Baby booties, successfully completed by me. Some dear friends are having a baby in about 4 months, so I started these NOW, in case it proved an insurmountable task. I may be able to whip together a few more pairs...

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Letter To The Umpire At 2nd Base

Please get your effing head out of whatever is so bloody fascinating about your OWN HANDS and BACK INTO THE GODDAMNED GAME. Sorry. I think that's the first time I have used such strong language in my blog. EVER. But you, Mr. Clueless Second Base Officiant, have had your head everywhere BUT the game (emphasis on "butt"), especially when it comes into your neighborhood. So pull yourself together and pretend like you're impartial. Try HARD not to count that big postgame payoff, and how that steak at Morton's will taste that will help you celebrate it. There are children here who still believe in the purity of the fun of a game played by the rules JUST BECAUSE. You have just become the Bogeyman.

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Iron Man, Tribe Fan?

Ok. If Tony Stark is a Yankee interloper, then I advocate use of extreme measures on OUR side too! Of course, there's always the chance he's here on our behalf after all... I'm good with that.

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Steeley Eyes in Portrait

Sabathia's 1st pitch is a strike, giving us hope for this third game of the series against the Yankmees.

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Front Yard Patchwork Tulips

Glorious color. I hope it lasts.

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Tulip Twins

Our front yard is defiant in the face of the predicted snow.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Home for a Bunny, a Home of Its Own

A Freecycle request popped up today for a pet cage, one suitable for a baby rabbit. We still had the cage from Mom's guinea pig Divinity, but no longer had a use for it. (Divinity died about 8 months after Mom. Her last days were the the life of Ryan, we made sure of that!) What's more, we have (and have had) no plans to get any pets other than the 3 cats and one dog we currently have. So, when I saw this plea, I knew I was about to clear a small corner of my basement. The very kind woman who picked up the cage actually had the tiny rabbit with her! What a pleasure to send this article off to a good home, to *be* a good home, for a very worthy little creature.

MS Walk in Cleveland

After the Hermes 10 Miler, we walked down to the Tower City Amphitheatre to visit Mike, Patti, Tim, and Carlina, who were part of the Cleveland MS Walk. Carlina is captain of a team called "Eat Dessert First", and Tim, Mike, and Patti were sorta camped out at the finish line, welcoming everyone as they came in. We had brought Donn and Renee (Rick and I ran into them at the race) and we all joined them, cheering the walkers and catching up on news. What fun! There was enthusiasm to spare. Plus, we saw some good friends from the local and state MS Society offices. What a great morning! You know, when you open yourself up to having a good time anywhere, at anytime, you generally don't lose. It's a rewarding method of adventure-seeking.

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10 Miles Done

1:53:something was his finish. He's not Speed Racer, but he's no slug! The Couch Potatoes were near him at the start. They're funny: they run wearing bathrobes with goals to be the last across the Finish. Didn't see any of them by the time we left for the MS Walk.

Rick Made It To Browns Stadium So Far

Rick sent me his progress in the form of a picture message. I have no idea *how* he's doing, just where he was when he took the picture. Sn I guess he still has manual dexterity, which is nice, and the ability to not only see, but to aim his phone. I'll take that as he's doing just fine.

Run Like A God

Run like Ganesh: filled with joy, and finding all you seek. Run like Athena: with wisdom. Run like Horus: with far-reaching vision. Run like Anansi: with mischief and playfulness.


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5, 4, 3, 2, 2 1/2, 2 3/4, ...

Countdown! Tendons flex, adrenaline flushes. Aaal...mmmosssst...

And They're Off!

There he is! Just a corner of his black and yellow jacket is visible behind that lady. He wouldn't keep still and my cameraphone has a very long lag between when I tell it to take the picture and when it actually takes it. Still, what does he think this is? A race?

Race Face

Rick is gearing up to run 10 miles this morning. It's the Hermes 10 Miler (the slogan is 'RUN LIKE A GOD', don't you just love it?), a race notorious for the most wretched weather. We just saw lightning. Good thing they only have to cross the 2nd tallest 2 bridges in the county 3 times during the race course...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Laundry Day!

Mirth is a big helper with the household chores.

Toad Lilies!

Beautiful. I just love early spring flowers.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cavs Playoffs Season Begins!

9:39 left in the game. Cavs lead v the Wizards, 73 to 70. We all got gold "RISE UP" t shirts as we entered the arena. The atmosphere is nothing shy of amazing.

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