Wednesday, March 18, 2009



The world's most beautiful cat is also the world's most ridiculous.

She just loves taking the 'shortcut' between the laundry room in the basement and the dining room on the main floor.

I just love giggling over her antics.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mmmmm. Beer.

Far and away the superior of Guinness. Goes marvelously with corned beef and cabbage with carrots and potatoes.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Homeward Bound. East, it is.

A long-ish weekend was a good amount of time to spend visiting relatives: 2 days to travel and 2 days to visit. The pace was hectic, but I think we didn't outstay our welcome anyplace that way. We got to see just about everyone we expected to see. One regret/wish I had was that I could have seen my friend Mary, but our pace was a bit focused and Lombard is a little far from where my family live. There will be another opportunity, I am sure!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Everyone's been teasing my dad (mercilessly, natch!) about his tendency to spontaneously drop off every time he sits down. It's especially funny when he falls asleep with his hands still in position on his laptop. But THIS is Uncle Bob!! Must be genetic...

Another one!

So nice to see Ayla, too, this trip. I think we got to see just about everyone we expected to see. Would've been nice to see *everyone*, but that hasn't happened in ... I don't know, probably forever. That's probably how long it'll be til we get a complete gathering again.

Sage advice.

This is in one of the dining areas of Gramma's nursing home. Pretty much says it all.

A VERY rare moment.

Gramma and I share a laugh.

Daddy found his dream truck.

It's a Dodge Ram, and it's in Crystal Lake.


In Illinois, not only do the dead vote, they run for office!!!

A bit of drama...

Andrea, still dressed in her Halloween costume, frames my Bonus Aunt Gina.

Friends and Family

Left to right, this is Adam, Sarah, and little Alaina.

Time to say 'bye for now.

We had another wonderful family visit. It's always good to see my Aunt Nancy. Her home is full of joy.

Pictures with Gramma.

Daddy shares wedding pictures with Gramma. The narration he provides is absolutely hillarious. Gramma doesn't know that. Not because she's lost her mind so much as Daddy's jokes being a bit inside. It's a nice moment!

View 1 of Teh Dress of Awesome...

For Halloween, Andrea created ths amazing dress. No pattern. She just whipped it up. AWESOME. Hat, too!!

...and View 2 of Teh Dress of Awesome.


My cousin Andrea is a woman of HUGE talent, skill, creativity, and innovation. This is the evening gown she made to wear for New Year's Eve. Exquisite.

Gorgeous day for a bike ride...

We say farewell to Uncle Ken for the time being. He gets to take advantage of the sun and mild day on his Harley.


Daddy, Ginny, and Uncle Ken inspect the back of Daddy's truck. Sometime on Friday Daddy's giant Chief Wahoo magnet 'disappeared' from his tailgate. Now all that's left is the salty outline.


A farm, actively worked fields, and the inevitable encroachment of a bloody ugly, tightly packed new housing development.

I can't in good conscience call the loss of good farmland 'progress'. Not without including words like 'cancer' or 'malignancy'.

Silly Dogs!

Two of three dogs at Uncle Bob and Aunt Kathryn's.

They have 2 labs, one black and one chocolate. The chocolate lab is a champion pheasant dog. I didn't hear the names of the labs, but the toy apricot poodle is BB. DARLING, each one of them!

Um... 'Spectral-Vision'?

Believe it or not, it's a picture of my Unclo Bob and Aunt Kathryn, taken yesterday when we visited them. I guess I'm way faster than the camera on this phone...

Good Morning!

It's always a good morning on a Harley! That's how Uncle Ken got to Three Brothers, where we met for breakfast. SO good to see him!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Icy Eyes

Maya, Tim & Sabrina's rescued huskie. She's amazing.


This is one of Tim and Sabrina's huskies. She was raised from a pup by Sabrina. Gorgeous!

Grandma is 'brighter' today.

She remembers me today.

Aunt Arlene and Ginny

It's fun to share photos and think of happy times. Especially when the company is so delightful.

Here, Ginny shows Aunt Arlene pics from the wedding and the Hawaii trip.

Green Goose!!

My Aunt Arlene is outragously talented and creative. This topiary is just outside her front door. It's her design and her construction. And she quilts, too!! She's one of my favorite people, and I'm so glad we had a long visit today. Bonus: we got to see my cousin Sheila too. I don't get to see my family very often. This opportunity to visit is deeply precious to me.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Bar Cento. They RAWK.


That's proof that god -- ANY god -- loves fermented food and drink.

I *LOVE* centaurs.


En route from Gramma's nursing home to her home in Woodstock, we pass my Uncle Ken and Aunt Kris's farm.

At Gramma's house.

Our first look. A bit sad, but not as bad as I thought it might be.

A whirlwind tour of northern McHenry Cty