Monday, February 04, 2008

Another Healthy Dose of Perspective (tho' in this case it's strictly frivolous)

Superbowl. New England Patriots v. New York Giants.

I have no emotional attachment to either team. None. Nor have I ever, and it's likely not to change in any time that I can foresee. (Well, disclaimer: I've rooted for the Giants in the Superbowl before, but only because I had a boyfriend in Montclair, NJ. That was a looooooong while ago.)

So why watch?

Eh. The commercials... The social time with friends and acquaintances that slips away during the rest of the week, and we joyfully embrace at times like these... The chance that this year, MAYBE, the game might *just* be an actual championship-level performance... Ordinarily the last is just wishful dreaming.

This year, there were some rather entertaining ads.

The game itself?

Defense! Amazingly, BOTH teams brought their defensive teams and coordinators! Awe flooded the stadium and the party we attended. What a performance.

Originally, I thought I would have been satisfied with seeing the record broken. Ordinarily, I root for the underdog. So going into the game, I was conflicted about who I would find as my champion. Frankly, I never did choose. It was alien, feeling ambivalent about a national championship game in such a pivotal sport!

It was only late in the afternoon TODAY that I resolved my feelings.

I love that the Giants won. It makes up for my beloved Indians' loss to the Red Sox earlier this Autumn, even if ever so slightly.

And on a side note: one Giant's fan had the temerity to describe his team's position as a "David and Goliath story", and the Giants were in the "David" role. I adored the irony. That endeared the Giants to me even more!!


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