Sunday, February 10, 2008

NBA=Nice Big Attitudes

I'm embroidering in front of the TV. Happens to be a whole string of pro basketball games, the last of which (such a treat!!) is a Cavs game. I'm a big fan.

It's nice, somewhat neutral background noise, and I know what's going on without having to constantly keep my eyes on the tube. And that's critical, if I want to keep from poking myself with the embroidery needle. Play-by-play guys help me out loads here.

So when the commentators began warming us up for the switch to another game upon the conclusion of the Heat-Lakers game, I almost jabbed myself.

"Stay tuned after this game for the afternoon's big show, when we take you to the Carmello-LeBron game..."

Since when do we refer to the teams as not their names but the names -- the FIRST names -- of their marquee players?

Permit me to be a bit more than bleaaahhhhh... I don't know what... about that.

Yeah, actually, I do have a problem with that. I couldn't put my finger on it at first but I think I've identified my issue.

LeBron is frequently compared to Michael Jordan. But my criticism of MJ for the greatest part of his great career was that he was not a team player. For his team to win, the best bet was simply "get the ball to MJ, and let him do his thang".

James, on the other hand, is just as likely to pass the ball as he is to shoot it. He IS a team player, and emphasises his teammembers when he talks about wins in postgame interviews. I admire that. He pumps them up in practice and on the floor and from the bench. I adore that. Better yet? He does this, frequently anonymously, for the communities of Cleveland and Akron as well. He is, justifiably, a hero of sorts to many. But he would not see himself that way. All the more admirable!!

I think he would have a problem with the sportscasters refering to his team as his name alone. He knows it's not him alone on the boards that makes the "W" appear in the column.

So, phooey on the ego-obsessed sportsdudes on ABC. I hope they settle down and return to using team names, and keep the teams in the forefront. It is a team sport, after all.

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