Monday, March 03, 2008

MORE Than London Calling

What the screaming HECK?

I turned on PBS to catch The Red Green Show and was treated instead to a special about The Clash. !?!!

Including live concert footage. !!!!

This, from the network that consistently brings such lukewarm mealymouth perennials as Andrea Boccelli and that bloody awful violinist with the insipid smile who seems intent on inflicting waltzes upon the world. (Personally, I don't have any use for the Blue Danube waltz unless there's a life and death struggle between man and machine in outer space.)

But this offering is *LOVELY*!!! It's just so unlike PBS to broadcast something musical that actually appeals to me. (they seem only to choose eras post-Beethoven, or Lawrence Welk. Too recent or too icky, respectively, for the non-modern sections of my tastes.) I hope they continue this out of the ordinary programming! I think I will have extra sweet dreams tonight!

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