Tuesday, July 29, 2008

AN...TICI-------- PAY OFF!!!


(Well, not monetarily. Nothing seems to work out for me that way.)

But still: WOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!

I'm published again. This time, it's my name and picture, with finished work.


(ahem. That's not hyperbole underlining that sentence, it's a live link; click and it'll take you there.)

I alluded to this eventual event a little over a month ago, when I had multiple versions of the theme music for "Dr. Who" on a permanent loop in my head, particularly the spoof mash-up Gary Glitter/"Dr Who" song. I've included it for your pleasure...


This is that knitting pattern based on Dr Who that I wasn't allowed to talk about until it went live in The Guardian. It's live in The Guardian. I can talk about it now. I can blog and sing and draw and build a folly in my backyard and do interpretive dance, if I choose to.

I think I'll probably NOT do interpretive dance.

'K. So to get to this magical spot of ME in an internationally distributed newspaper, click on the link, scroll down to
"Here's one we made earlier: What do you get when you cross 13 knitting experts with Mazz's lovely knitting patterns? Here's what they came up with ..."

...and when you do that, scroll down a little more (I'm not the only one who was pictured) and you'll see me with Zabet and Raellyn from The AntiCraft!

I'm very excited. It's good to be in such fine company. Magda from Knitta Please! is right near. That's mighty nice -- you'll notice that's one of my links to the right.

Enjoy. Enjoy my excitement. I don't often get stuff like this to get excited about. I wish my mom was alive. I wish my grandma was alive. They'd both get a kick out of this.

Later edit: Hey! They called me a "knitting expert"! I'm going to have to call my mother-in-law and thank her. She's the one who taught me!


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