Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Thin Line Between Curiosity & Fright

Today we got the perpetually leaky and now finally deceaced dishwasher replaced in the kitchen, and (as I txt) (ooh! they're done!) the Shakespearean-death-throes washing machine replaced. That's 2 different delivery-installation crews, *each* comprised of 2 guys, tools, and big, boxy, clunky things. All of which bring along smells and sounds and who-knows-what-else a cat may sense.

(Interesting and creepy: BOTH crews were guys younger than I am -- and therefore should know better!! -- yet BOTH crews each had one guy with terminal butt cleavage. Do they not watch movies? Are they completley insulated from stand-up comedy? Or is it an ironic statement? First crew? Yeah, maybe that's their excuse... but not the washing machine bozos. If I saw them handling a long plank of wood (and by "long plank of wood", I mean "long plank of wood"; work with me here), I'd stand well away and watch the inevitable Laurel & Hardy comic replay.)

This was taken of Bert 2 seconds before she freaked out and couldn't take anymore. Poor kitty. Yet so entertaining.

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