Sunday, November 09, 2008

Las Calacas Danzantes

S. O. C. K. S. In other words: ¡Eso sí! ¡Que es!

Say it out loud and you'll probably get it.

(pronunciation hint for Rick and Daddy: there's no "w" sound in "que".)

Brilliantly designed exclusively for The AntiCraft by Erssie Major, a prolific and talented knitting designer in the UK. I am completely delighted by this pattern. It is at once challenging and entertaining, and I really like how it is turning out. I mean, it is simply just too much fun to knit!! I'm deeply impressed with Erssie's gift for design and whimsy.


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At 12:22 PM, Blogger Erssie said...

You is so kind, I am blushing

Have done some more colourwork for the AC, that ended up in the bin, then did another bit......and started cursing and saying I will NEVER do colourwork again....

However, I am just taking a break and doing simple stuff and textured stuff for a while.


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