Saturday, January 26, 2008

Running (outta breath) 2 Stand Still

We're running to various urgent tasks: first, to sign car insurance papers at the body shop (yes! Our other little car is being repaired, after all!), then to Rick's parents' house to do laundry, as our washing machine is still broken (though the part arrived yesterday and it will be fixed Thursday). Next, I have to post my edits for this month's issue of The AntiCraft, finish my post of the springerle cookie recipe, write a long note to my friend Dorte, embroider for the challenge I posed in the embroidery forum on, finish testing the crochet patterns I'm editing, cook the ground beef I thawed, post and label last night's and last week's Iron Chef photos from my camera to Flickr, and finish packing the box for Ria and Art For Cures that should have been sent when I was still feverish. Phew! AND remember to actually EAT. Until last night, I hadn't eaten in 2 days for sheer overwhelmedness. I'll get to everything! Please be patient, if you're waiting for a particular thing!

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