Monday, January 28, 2008

Seven Up!Date #1: Our Wedding Cake

To review: I was tagged by my friend Melissa for a meme that required me to share 7 random or wacky things about me. I chose to add a bonus thing, and to not elaborate about the original 7 things for the sake of having a post that WOULDN'T be the length of a Russian novel. I promised to fill in the blanks in the coming days. Here's the first installment.

1. We had Fisher Price Little People on our wedding cake. And a reference to a chicken. And Fisher Price Little People chickens. All on our wedding cake.

That's our cake!

I wanted something non-traditional on our cake, if even we would have anything on our cake at all. When I came across this wedding couple on eBay, Rick and I both agreed it was perfect for our personalities. We both collect toys. It's whimsical. It's traditional with a solid chunk of tongue firmly in cheek.

Then there was the whole chicken thing.

A little more than 5 years ago Rick saw a t-shirt that said something along the lines of
"People think A.D.H.D. is funny, but it's actually a serious neurological condition that involves a combination of attention and behavio-- Hey look! A chicken!"

Yeah, we both have A.D.H.D. We thought it was hillarious. We also started using the phrase, "Hey, look! A chicken!" to re-focus each other when we get off topic. It was especially funny in the Philippines, where there are chickens running around EVERYWHERE. Rick's cousins finally, in a fit of exasperation, asked us if there are no chickens in the U.S. We had to explain it, but they were unimpressed. Anyway, I thought it would be a nice surprise for Rick to see it on our wedding cake.

By the way, the wedding cakes were Dairy Queen ice cream cakes. Fantastic, in the middle of summer.

We used a mix of vintage table cloths and whimsical LED lights that gave a soft glow on the tables (it was a backyard reception), with mason jars filled with cherry whips and starlite mints. It made the scene extra festive: less picnic, more garden party, but not so much that you were afraid to be at home. It was nice.

Another flight of whimsy I had to take was with the wedding bouquet. I didn't carry one. I carried this, instead. We were starting a new life, creating a new home (not moving, and we'd lived together for almost 3 years, but symbolically), and intending things to last forever. The nest and two eggs were very meaningful to me. Plus, all the materials were completely recycled, as were we!! (2nd marriages for both of us.) Also, I felt strongly that people getting married in the woods (as we did) really ought not to bring flowers to the forest. It's redundant, really.

Hope that explains "Seven Up! #1"! I meant to blog months ago about our wedding, but up til now all I managed to write was how it was mandated by my former job, if I wanted to stay employed. As it's clear I no longer work there, you can see how well that worked for me.

Enjoy! Click on the pictures and you'll go to our two wedding Flickr sets. The nest is from one set, the others from the other set. You're welcome to look and comment all you'd like. Every picture has notes, so you'll know what's going on. I'd love to hear your feedback.

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